A New Member of the Family

Jane’s beloved cat had been with her since her 17th birthday. When she passed away 18 years later, Jane decided she’d never love another pet the same way.

All that changed when this curious feline took up residence in her garage. Before Jane knew it, he was part of the family.

Read on for the rest of this Cat of the Day‘s heartwarming rescue story.


At 17 my mom gave me an adorable kitten. She endured me getting married, having 4 children, and moving several times. She died when I was 35, she was with me for half of my life. I vowed I would never have another pet.

Ten years later a cat showed up in my back yard. It was very scared of me but seemed in need of help. So I put some food out for it to eat, weeks went by, the food would be gone each day and the cat would get a few feet closer. One day it came into my garage and immediately hides behind some old furniture, now this is the closest I have been to this cat and when it flashes by it has a sagging tummy OH NO kittens. So for another month or two the cat comes and goes and every opportunity I get I lay on the floor of the garage trying to see it’s under side. I determine he is neutered (How? don’t ask) Whew. So I knew he was not feral, and my quest continued.

Then one day he decided to come into the house and has been there ever since. He has been with me for ten years now. He is loving, well-mannered and spoiled. He will only go outside if my husband or I are working in the yard, but panics if we get out of sight, runs to the door and scratches to get in. He runs and hides when anyone comes to the door and stays there until they leave. Whatever happened to him ten years ago must have been very traumatic. He is getting old and my heartaches knowing I will lose another beloved pet, but I am happy he found me and we have had this time together.

Jane Juvan, from Livingston, MT


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