A Network of Truckers Helped Save the Life of a Rottweiler

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The passion of animal lovers should never be underestimated. According to the Oscala Star Banner, an 8-year-old rottweiler mix named Diesel was up for euthanasia. However, with the swift actions of Wanda Lasher, the animal was saved.

Lasher, the owner of a trucking company, first saw the photo of the dog on a social network, and quickly fell in love with the animal. She has been a pet owner for years and adopted her first shelter dog at the age of 7. Now her home is filled with cats, a pig and even a horse.

“I’ve always loved animals,” Lasher told the source. “You can’t save them all, but I’m sure going to try to save as many as I can.”

It wasn’t easy getting Diesel to his new home. First, a NY Pet-I-Care volunteer transported the canine to a kennel. The dog was cared for there until arrangements could be made to take him to his final destination. Meanwhile, Lasher went through her network of drivers and found Jackie Wise, a dispatcher at another trucking company, whose father’s route would pass near where Diesel was being kept.

Mike Dengel drove Diesel to Citra and it turned out the dog took to the ride so well, he’s now become part of the team. One of Lasher’s drivers removed a seat where the dog can comfortably sit. So now even though the dog is part of Lasher’s family, Monday through Friday he’s a trucker. 

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