A Midwest Animal Sanctuary Offers a Forever Home to Cats

It's a fact that most animals are adopted young, which leaves some elderly dogs and cats or those with a disability without homes. However, the Forever Home Feline Ranch in Springfield, Ill., is working to solve that problem for cats in the Midwest.

The nonprofit organization operates as an animal welfare group and sanctuary. They work to be a forever home to cats in need of a cage-free environment. According to Catster, the founder and first president of Forever Home Feline Ranch, Brenda Barton, wanted to build a second home for pets that were "unadoptable."

There are a group of volunteers that care for 60 to 70 cats that live at the Forever Home. Additionally, there is a caretaker that lives onsite.

"When we take in a cat, we take in a cat for life," Barton told the source. "All cats are adoptable if someone comes in and wants to adopt. But first and foremost, we are a sanctuary. We are their forever home until someone wants to adopt them."

The Forever Home Feline Ranch also fosters cats – most often kittens – until they are adopted.

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