A Lamb and Her Dog

A lamb in New Zealand found herself stuck behind a fence. When this happened, she couldn't get to her mother, who then left her behind. After the family who owns the animals found the little lamb, they attempted to return her to her family. However, they were unsuccessful in their attempts to get the mother to accept her baby.

That's when the family decided to take in the lamb until she could survive on her own. According to the Manawatu Standard, soon after taking the animal in and naming her Lilly, the family dog Shekel, began looking after her.

Since the unlikely friendship blossomed, the two have created a close bond. The source reported that they share breakfast, bottles and even a bed.

Lily's adopted mother Suzanne McMurtrie told the Standard that Shekel even helps clean up Lily after they eat. The lamb went under Shekel once to look for milk. McMurtrie said that she doesn't believe the dog is being maternal toward Lily, only doing what it can to help take care of her.

Currently, McMurtrie and her family are trying to teach Lily how to eat grass. In order to do this, they pour milk on it in hopes that she will try to take bites.

The Standard reported that Lily's adopted family will take her to the Highland Home Christian Camp once she is weaned. She'll then live there and entertain the children that visit the camp.

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