Retried Trail Dog Shares Life Through Her Eyes In Touching Short Film

Dogs are known as “man’s best friend” for good reason. They’ll often go above and beyond to show their love for us and their love seems to have no end. For some dogs, their devotion to their humans takes them on wild adventures. We’ve probably all heard of stories of a dog’s devotion, with some dogs risking their lives to save their owners and others walking miles and miles to find their way home.

For some dogs, they show their devotion and love for their owners by participating in an extreme sport. These dogs, known as trail dogs, follow their owners on intense mountain biking trails around the world.

Anthill Films, a small media company specializing in remote, adventure work, created a short film highlighting the life of some of these dogs.

Photo: YouTube/#RideShimano

In the short film “A Dog’s Tale,” viewers are given an inside look at the life of a retired trail dog named Raven. Raven is a beloved pet, but she didn’t live the life of most pet dogs.

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Instead, she spent her last 13 years running through remote trails around the world, right alongside her owner.

Photo: YouTube/#RideShimano

The two, from Squamish, British Columbia, adventure through Canada, the US, and even South African. They even meet other adventuring trail dogs along the way.

Raven “narrates” the short film and reflects on her life and adventures from the comfort of her driveway. It’s evident she live an adventurous and full life!

Photo: YouTube/#RideShimano
Photo: YouTube/#RideShimano

The description explains, “Raven is a 13-year-old retired trail dog from Squamish, British Columbia who’s spent countless days frolicking on loamy singletrack beneath towering spruces. Old age has slowed her down, and now Raven happily lies in the driveway, watching dog after dog, and their human, head for the hills. Celebrating the joys of mountain biking through the eyes of the trail dog, Raven takes us from her driveway memories in BC to the high deserts of Utah, to freshly cut South African trails and back again.”

Watch the short film below:

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