What the What? Eight Fun Facts About 101 Dalmatians That Will Have You Seeing Spots!

Released on February 10, 2015, the diamond edition of Walt Disney’s 101 Dalmatians is truly a gem, both for its endearing story as well as the fascinating tidbits behind the tale. Here are eight fun facts about the film that are fun and fascinating!


1. 101 Dalmatians was the first Disney film to be set in a contemporary setting. Those old-timey cars may look like ancient times, but everything in the production adheres to the early 1960s.


2. The movie is based on a book by author Dodie Smith of the same name. Smith wrote a follow-up to the delightful tale entitled The Starlight Barking.


3. Only five of the puppies are actually named in the film: Lucky, Patch, Polly, Penny, and Freckles.


4. Jock, Peg, and Bull–lovable canines from The Lady and the Tramp–all appear in 101 Dalmations Twilight Bark scene.


5. In Smith’s book, the matriarch of the canine clan was known as Missis. We think Perdita is far more fun!


6. Total number of spots per character? Pongo sports the most with 72, Perdita follows close behind with 68, and each of the pups features 32.


7. Due to a goof during the final production process, the closing scene of the film features at least 150 dalmatians. Go ahead, try to count them!


8. Grand total of spots that appear in the film? 6,469,952. We were surprised, too.

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