8 of Our Most Memorable Rescue Stories, So Far

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that everyone loves a great, heartwarming rescue story! Some of our the most inspiring stories are always wonderful to come back to read and watch, from the shocking beginnings, to the loveliest of endings. These stories will restore your faith in humanity, and the transformations after each rescue will leave you speechless!

Enjoy this list of favorites! We bet you can’t pick just one favorite for yourself. (Though we may have saved our best for last…)

8. Abused Dog Cries When She Finally Has A Kind Hand Touch Her

YouTube / Viral Videos of this weeks
YouTube / Viral Videos of this weeks
“A severely abused and neglected dog is shown love for the very first time. Her cries are purely out of fear because when humans had approached her in the past…”
Watch this uplifting transformation! Click here to continue to the happy ending!

7. A Sick “Dog” Curled Up In A Corner, But Later Realized…

Photo credit: Folsom Animal Services
Photo credit: Folsom Animal Services
A California animal shelter received a call about an extremely sick dog found in the corner of a homeowner’s porch. The homeowner couldn’t tell what kind of dog it was, but once officials arrived, everyone was in for a surprise of what they found…
Read the rest of this incredible rescue here!

6. They Rushed to Save the Life of a Bait Puppy

Youtube / Jacob Meyer
Youtube / Jacob Meyer
“A five-month-old pit bull puppy wandered onto someone’s porch and collapsed. After taking a closer look, the homeowner was shocked at the puppy’s state. He had life-threatening wounds to the head and neck, and was believed to be involved in an illegal dog-fighting ring…”
Find out what happens in the happy ending for this pup here!

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