Are You Ready For A Happy Cry? Check Out These Inspiring Animals!

3. Pepe The Pug

When he was just a pup, Pepe the pug was accidentally stepped on, which rendered him partially paralyzed. His owners reluctantly gave him up, unsure how to treat such a crippling injury, and no one was sure if he would ever get back on his feet. Thankfully, the folks at Pug Nation LA took him in for medical care and physical therapy, and now little Pepe is happier than ever in his forever home!

2. Ruth And Idgie

When Ruth, a cat with disabilities, and Idgie the dachshund were abandoned at the end of a driveway together, they formed a special bond. Now happily adopted by the organization that found them, they have become inseparable. Idgie and Ruth can be an example to us all. True love and friendship knows no boundaries. Learn more about these inspiring friends in the video!

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1. Kenny

We end with the story of Kenny, a disabled yet determined doberman who wasn’t going to let his challenges limit his happiness. Some people brush off severely injured animals as “unfixable” and believe they are not worth the effort it may take to make them well again. Enter Kenny, who set out to prove all the skeptics wrong by achieving the unachievable.

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