7 Delicious Dog Food Recipes

Carrot Pumpkin Treats

Pumpkin, peanut butter, and carrots, oh my! These dog treats have a little bit of everything, including whole wheat flour and oats. They will promote a healthy digestive system in your pet, and taste delicious as well! The best part is knowing exactly what’s going into the food you’re feeding your dog. Get the full recipe here.

Peanut Butter Banana Pupcakes

We love our furry family members so much, we can’t help but spoil them with fresh and healthy treats that they devour in seconds! Our dogs love this recipe for the taste, and we love it for it’s fresh simplicity. Get the full recipe here!

Mouthwatering Mint Dog Treats

diy-dog-mint-01_1200x800 (1)
The brilliance in these treats is not just in the money you save or the sheer fun of baking; these treats will also help get rid of your pup’s doggy breath! This recipe is a sure-fire hit for both dogs and their humans! Get the full recipe here.

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