440-Pound Tortoise Celebrates His 50th Birthday With A Delicious Cake

This 50-year-old Galapagos tortoise, named Cerro, is celebrating turning half a century old! The 440-pound reptile got a delicious cake all to himself made from watermelon, strawberries, kiwi and pumpkin. Not only did he get his own birthday cake, but he had a choir of children sing him happy birthday as well! Cerro dug right into his fruit cake and absolutely loved it!

He was born at the San Diego Zoo in California and brought to the Perth Zoo in Australia in 2005. Made obvious by his age, Cerro receives lots of love and care from zookeepers.

Although Cerro may seem old, Galapagos tortoises can live for more than 100 years! According to Inside Edition, there are only 20,000 Galapagos tortoises left in the wild.

Watch Cerro eat his birthday cake in the video below:

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