5 Ways To Prevent Arthritis In Our Pooch Pals

Believe it or not but just like humans, dogs can inherit arthritis, a joint disease that is very painful. Two types of arthritis can be found in dogs, degenerative, which is caused by cartilage destruction due to hip dysplasia and injuries, and inflammatory, which comes from an infection or auto-immune disorder. Check out five ways you can prevent your canine companion from being diagnosed with this debilitating disease!

5. Don’t overwork Fido at the dog park.

If you’re finding your pooch pal lounging during the week and then using all their energy at the dog park on the weekends, this may not be good for their muscles. A sedentary lifestyle followed by intense activity leaves them more prone to injury. It’s a good idea to get them to let out all their energy more than a few times a week so can help to build up their muscle strength.  Or you can also have them take it easy on the few days they get to go to the park.

4. Create a exercise plan with a certified canine rehabilitation therapist.


Just like how we see personal trainers at the gym, it may be good to get your pooch pal one too! Certified canine rehabilitation therapists have the knowledge to create a exercise program and treatment plan that can help nip arthritis in the bud before it gets your four-legged friend. Some preventative exercises include chiropractic adjustments, mobility and range of  motion stretches, and hydrotherapy to keep your canine strong and agile.

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3. Don’t forget to give them their vitamins.

Research has shown that Omega-3 acids decreases joint inflammation. If your dog is not a big fan of taking vitamins, Omega-3 acids can also be found in fish such as sardines, salmon, and mackerel. But before you head to your local grocery store, you should touch base with your local veterinarian about what types of supplements would be good for your dog or if you should consider feeding them canned fished once or twice a week.

 2. Teach your dog how to use ramps.

This may sound silly, but a simple leap on the couch or into the car may cause sudden injuries or long term wear and tear on Fido’s muscles and joints. The impact that their leaps can make landing on hard surfaces is even harder on their skeletal frames. Teaching them how to use a ramp at an early age will be useful when they are older and less mobile.

1. Make sure to give your canine a balanced diet.

If you’ve noticed your dog gaining a few pounds, it’s not a bad idea for them to shed some of that off. Extra weight on their frame can cause unnecessary stress on their joints resulting in a number of arthritic problems. The ASPCA says especially in bigger dogs it’s important to watch what food your dog eats while their bones are still growing. Studies have shown that dogs with a healthier physique live an average of two years longer and are least likely to see issues with arthritis.

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