5 Reasons No One Should EVER Own a Puppy

So you think you’re ready for a puppy? Well, we’re here to tell you that getting a puppy is probably the worst decision you will EVER make! Don’t believe us? Read on, you’ll thank us at the end, for sure.

Puppies will kill you with their cuteness


See that face? It has no remorse for its deadly cuteness. None at all!

Puppies are seriously too fluffy


Seriously look at all this fluff. You’d probably get lost in all that fuzz and never find your way out.

Puppies will sleep on the job


So lazy.

Puppies will insist you get up and exercise


They don’t care if Friends and Gilmore Girls is finally on Netflix. Talk about inconsiderate.

Puppies are attention hogs


Look at meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Seriously, though, puppies are a whole lot of work, but if you have the time and energy, can be totally worth it in the long run. Remember, adopt, don’t shop!

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