5 Dogs Rescued From China Meat Market

Animal lovers around the world face unique challenges. The diverse cultural and economic situations that they work in provide them with opportunities as well as obstacles.

However, by working together, they’re able to make real progress on their shared goal of protecting and providing for neglected animals.

An example of this international cooperation was on full display in early March, as Good Karma Pet Rescue, based in South Florida, completed a rescue operation that saved 5 dogs from China’s meat market slaughterhouses.

Photo: INSTAGRAM/gkpetrescue

“They wind up on menus, so if we don’t rescue them, their only fate is to be someone’s meal, unfortunately,” Good Karma volunteer Deven Soto told CBS Miami.

The operation required tight timing, dozens of volunteers, donors, and contacts both in the US and within China’s dog meat trade. The first step was cutting the slaughterhouses off at the source — the meat trucks that bring in the dogs.

Using donated funds, the group purchased 5 dogs, Lenore, Amber, Ginny, Juliette, and Winnie, directly from the suppliers, before they were brought to the slaughterhouse. The intercepted pups were given emergency care, then placed on a 50-hour flight to the US.

Photo: INSTAGRAM/gkpetrescue

Because of Covid-19, the group needed to charter a cargo flight for the 5 dogs that they purchased. With a veterinarian on standby, they anxiously awaited their arrival. “Not only do they have prior health issues from being in this awful meat market, but, additionally, when they’ve been on an extensive flight, there’s bound to be issues like dehydration and other concerns,” explained Dr. Sy Woon to the outlet. She gave them fluids and treats to improve their mood and health. After, volunteers quickly shuttled the dogs from the airport to a shelter for safekeeping.

Each pup cost between $1,000 and $2,000 to save and Good Karma is making sure they have the necessary paperwork and shots to be adopted out after their health issues are taken care of. Good Karma’s work underscores the need to care for animals not just locally, but in other countries, whose protections for animals and meat markets are weaker or nonexistent.

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The rescue comes at a time when China’s meat markets are undergoing intense scrutiny for their role in spreading the novel coronavirus because of lax regulations.

On their Instagram, the charity detailed the experience of putting together an international rescue operation:

“It’s 6am, and we’re not just getting started, our day is actually ending. Thousands of miles and oceans to cross and it was worth every single one of these 5 heartbeats.

The dog meat market in China continues to prosper, and although some may say we made just a dent, that dent meant the whole world to Lenore, Amber, Ginny, Juliette and Winnie. Thank you to our fosters who waited, without sleep, to make sure these 5 got to sleep soundly in a bed, for the very first time. And thank you to Dr. Woon, for starting with her first patient at 2:30am, to ensure after a 50 hour flight, these special pups were going to be safe and sound.”

Photo: INSTAGRAM/gkpetrescue

Thanks to the volunteer work of Good Karma and their partners, these 5 dogs have a second chance at life and finding a forever home. Learn more about Good Karma at their official site!

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