5 Dog Museums That Draw Inspiration From Man’s (and Woman’s) Best Friend

5. Dachshund Museum, Germany

Photo: Dachshund Museum
Photo: Dachshund Museum

Germans love their beer and bratwurst, so much so that their trademark canine even looks like a sausage. Literally a “badger dog” in German, this native breed holds such a special place in Bavarian lore that the Dachshund even doubled as a mascot for Munich’s 1972 Olympic Games! It was really just a matter of time before dog-loving Germans opened a museum devoted to everything Dachshund, which happened last January in the southern town of Passau. Guests can browse a diverse collection of 4,500 breed-specific items, which is believed to be the largest Dachshund-exclusive collection in the world. Humans will be charged 5 euros for the privilege, and dogs of all types are welcome.

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