35-Pound Cat Surrendered To Shelter Starts A New Diet And Finds A Forever Home

A six-year-old orange tabby cat who weighs 35 pounds was surrendered to the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington D.C. about a week ago after his owner moved into a retirement home.

As soon as the cat, named Symba, arrived, they started him on a supervised diet and exercise program. Their main concern was getting him healthy, but they also wanted to find him a forever home.

Humane Rescue Alliance
Humane Rescue Alliance

Thankfully, the latter came true, and big Symba has been adopted! His new family adores him and is completely committed to helping Symba lose weight.

Symba may be very chubby, but that just means that there is more of him to love! He is an extremely mellow, sweet and loving cat. His new family is so lucky to have him! Not only will they help get him healthy by continuing on his current diet and exercise plan, but they will also give him all the love and care that he deserves so he can have wonderful years to come.

Humane Rescue Alliance
Humane Rescue Alliance

Six years is young for a kitty, so if Symba gets healthy, he still has a long life ahead of him! Hopefully his journey to lose weight is a successful one.

It’s unknown how Symba got this way, but knowing that his previous owner was an elderly person, he probably wasn’t too well-taken care of toward the end. Thankfully, he is now in great hands and will hopefully thrive in his new home and his new life. Consider this his second chance!

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