3 Tips for Hiking Safely With Your Dog

Summer is a great time to hike, and you can enjoy this physical activity with your dog. Keep Fido healthy and fit by taking him with you next time you hit the trails. However, you want to make sure Fido stays safe. Follow these tips to ensure your hike is fun and comfortable:

1. Bring water
Both you and your dog need to stay hydrated as you hike. Carry enough water for the both of you in your backpack, and take regular drinking breaks. Don’t let your dog drink water found outside in puddles or streams – it can contain bacteria that may upset his stomach.

2. Keep cool
Dogs pant to cool off, but you can help Fido beat the heat. Consider getting him a doggie cooling vest. These clothing pieces look like a life preserver that you soak in water. It will keep your pet cool as he wears it. More importantly, observe your dog – if he seems overheated (panting more heavily than usual), take a break.

3. Repel ticks
Ticks can be a big problem for dogs, and they lurk along the edges of hiking trails. Keep your dog away from tall grasses by staying on the trail. You can also spray some dog-safe tick repellent on your pet. Don’t forget to check his fur for ticks when you’re done hiking.

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