It’s A Happy Husky Pool Party…And We’re All Invited!

What’s more fun than a pool party with Huskies? Um… NOTHING! Here at the Animal Rescue Site, we encourage such happy occasions, so long as they are safe and full of positive vibes.

Get ready to smile ’til your face hurts because this video is filled with happiness! And lots of wagging tails. Just look at those Huskies having a great time, cooling off and being pups. I want to climb inside my computer and hang out with them. If only that were possible! Hmmm, maybe a pool party with my pups would be a hit too.

Did you like this video? Pawsome! Because I did too! Here, check this one out too by clicking here: This adorable 8 week old pup, named Poppy, is not a fan of hiccups. They’re annoying and she’s not really sure what to make of them. Isn’t it about time we found a hiccup cure? I mean, seriously?! Oh well, at least they’re not permanent. Isn’t Poppy adorable? I couldn’t agree more!

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