Here Are 3 Common Animal Shelter Myths — Debunked

Finding a pet is like finding a best friend. You know from the first moment you meet that this is your new pal. But the journey to finding the perfect pet can be challenging. Many people know of a shelter near them, but choose to look for a breeder or pet store instead because they believe a few harmful myths about shelter dogs. However, you can discover your new best friend at an animal shelter! Here are three of the most common myths about shelter dogs – debunked!

Myth #1. You won’t know the pet’s history

Some shelters have a lot of information on a pet, such as its breed, age, personality and past home life. In some cases, not a lot is known about the past of the animal, but the shelter will be able to tell you about their behavior and socialization since they have been in the shelter. Ask the shelter if the animals have been fostered in the past and you may be able to gather more information to help you make a decision on if they will be a good fit for your family.

Myth #2. All the animals are old

While many shelter pets are older, you can find puppies and kittens as well! Shelters house a variety of pets of all ages and breeds. Besides, you might find that an older pet is the perfect fit for you and your family.

Myth #3. These pets are homeless for a reason

The pets are in a shelter for many reasons. Some were pulled from abusive situations and others simply couldn’t find a home. Often, they are abandoned by their families when they move, change jobs, or have children.  That doesn’t mean the animals themselves are unlovable. If you give your shelter pet all the love you have, it will develop into an amazing companion.


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