The Sweetest Dog Couple Gets A Second Chance

Homelessness is a massive problem for animals. Far too many dogs and cats live on the streets, and if they aren’t spayed or neutered, the problem simply gets worse. Sadly, many places around the world deal with the problem by simply killing the animals. Even those areas that practice trap, neuter, release can only do so much. That’s why those brave souls that help save these animals are so incredible.

Two dogs living on the street, fighting to survive, get a second chance because of this amazing rescue organization called Rescue From The Hart. After several hours of coaxing and many bites of cheeseburgers, Monica and Chandler (named by the rescuers…can you guess where those names are from?) were safely taken off the streets. They now have a forever home together. This video truly made me smile so much, my face still hurts! What an amazing story and beautiful ending!

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