Woman Forced 266 Animals To Live In Their Own Feces With No Food Or Water

Clay County in Florida has taken possession of 266 animals that were found living on a property in deplorable conditions.

The property on Old Jennings Road was so bad that crews had to wear protective suits with N95 masks just to enter.

Photo: YouTube/News4 JAX

When they arrived, they found piles of feces all over the home, piles of vermin with detritus, cage floors with bare wire filled with more waste, insects flying through the home, and the smell of ammonia from urine and feces.

The animals rescue included 104 dogs, 72 chickens, 44 rabbits, 28 pigs, six goats, two turtles, six pigeons, two quails, one duck, and one goose.

Photo: YouTube/News4 JAX

Two of the dogs rescued ended up giving birth to two litters, which brought the final count of rescued animals to 274. They are currently being cared for by Clay County Animal Control, and so far all of the animals are doing okay.

Most of the animals had no food or clean water, and were forced to live in their own waste. Many had medical and health issues, and there were also multiple skeletal remains found on the property.

Photo: YouTube/News4 JAX

The animal cruelty investigation began after five children were removed from the home weeks ago due to living in these poor conditions.

The property owner was not only forced to surrender all of the animals, but she is also required to pay for all the costs the county as incurred, up to $30,000. The judge also ordered that the woman can no longer own animals or have any in her possession in the future.

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