Mother’s Day Is Coming Up! Every Cat Mom Should Own Number 5 In This List!

Like most pet parents I know, our furbabies mean the world to us. I’m a self described “Crazy Cat Lady” and couldn’t be more proud. Cats may not really be our children, but they are still our babies. Mother’s Day is May 11th, and it may not necessarily have been created to celebrate cat moms, but we think it should have been!

Do you know a proud cat mom? Maybe you yourself are a cat mom and just want to spoil yourself this Mother’s Day. Whatever the case may be, browse through this list and find the perfect present (or two!) for the cat mom in your life!

1. Every cat mom should be sipping her morning coffee out of this adorable mug! You can find one here!


2. Hold your cat close to your heart with this beautiful pendant, the perfect gift for any cat mom!


 3. Sip your coffee in feline style with this adorable mug! You’ll beat the morning blues in no time with these precious faces smiling up at you. Find your own mug here!


4. You know it, your cat knows it, so why not let the world know that you are the greatest cat mom with this shirt!


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5. Cats are the ultimate relaxation package. Combine spending time with your cat and a glass of wine and you have instant bliss. Get your own t-shirt here!


How are you planning to celebrate Mother’s Day?

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