Catify Your Apartment This Holiday Season

It may be small, but you've got the perfect pad, and to complete your happiness you've found a four-legged feline friend to cozy up with. You just didn’t realize how such a small creature can have such a big presence in your limited space!

Don't fret, your cozy home shouldn't minimize your desire to make room for your larger-than-life cat this holiday season. Catify (create a feline-friendly environment catering to your cat's natural instincts) your humble abode with some of these BIG presents and ideas that are appropriate for the smallest of spaces!

DIY Scratch Solutions

You can't stand it when your cat scratches up your furniture, but you also don’t have the room for a bulky cat-tower solution. How about a DIY project that will protect your beloved table and chair legs while satisfying your cat's urge to scratch? All you need is some thick cotton or sisal rope, a table or chair with legs, and some directions for a ready-made cat tree that still functions as furniture!

Editor's Pick

Cat Crib
No more stumbling over cat beds! Here's a comfy place for your cat to literally hang around.

A Place They Can Call Their Own

Bored cats can only mean one thing: they're about to find entertainment in objects they shouldn't touch or places they shouldn't be in! Creating a comfy spot that they can call their own not only keeps them out of trouble, but also reduces clutter and helps you control the excess amount of cat hair that finds it way into every nook and cranny of your home.

It's best to give your cat access to a window to look out of and soak up sun from; this will provide both a favorite spot and some level of entertainment. You can even place a bird feeder outside your window. The combination of a great view of the outdoors, and fascinating birds can keep them happy and busy for hours.

Healthy Stimulation

Keeping your cat stimulated is key both for their health and for the sake of your belongings. Cat toys are great, but aren't always the easiest to have in apartments. They find their way into the most inconvenient places! The Jackson Galaxy Cat Crawl is a collapsible mesh tunnel your cat will love to lurk in and pounce from, and it stores beautifully if you have company coming. The Turbo Track Cat Toy, a track and ball made up of interlocking tracks, provides endless hours of entertainment but can be broken down for storage when not in use.

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Kong Cat Treat Cone
The Kong Kat Treat Cone will make kitty work for those snacks!

Hungry For Life

Cats' bodies work best with food that comes on a schedule; the ASPCA recommends that your cat eat 2 properly portioned meals a day. Free-feeding isn't a good option for a bored apartment cat! But food is a powerful motivator to stay active, and that's also important for your cat's health.

One solution may be a treat-dispensing cat toy that you can leave for kitty while you're out and about. Look for a durable and washable toy specifically for cats, and pop either a little kibble or else a few healthy treats in there to last the day. Several brands and pet stores now offer these toys, which cats must bat, toss, or otherwise interact with to extract the coveted treat. If your cat is a food fiend, something like this can keep him entertained for hours.

What more could a conscientious apartment-cat parent ask?

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