20 Easy DIY Gifts for Shelter Animals

‘Tis the season for giving, and shelter animals who are looking for their forever homes deserve a gift too. Homemade gifts are extra special, because they are made with love and are unique like each pet. Not to mention they cost next to nothing to make. If you are not looking to add to your family, you can still make sure shelter animals have a merry Christmas with these gifts.

Round up your friends and family and make it a craft night. Most of the supplies are ones you already have in your home, so you just need space to create your projects. You may have to make a few extra, as your cat or dog may steal one or two. Spread the cheer and love with these easy DIY pet presents.

Aside from food, a lot of shelters need beds and toys. Feel free to be creative and add your own spin to these projects. That is part of the fun of homemade gifts.

Purrfect Gifts for Cats

All of these toys will have cats entertained for hours.

Wine Cork Cat Toy

Good thing you saved those wine corks. These super simple toys will have a cat occupied for hours. Get the full instructions by Sweet T Makes Three.

Photo: One Crazy House
Photo: One Crazy House

Scratching Post

All cats need one of these. You can make a few for the cat room at the shelter. Remember that cats love bright colors and anything shiny. This project allows you to be as creative as you want. The instructions by Cuteness can be customized to your liking.

Photo: Cuteness
Photo: Cuteness
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