20 Fruits & Veggies Having A Major Identity Crisis

We all need our daily dose of fruits and vegetables. But it’s not just consuming them that will give you positive effects. These natural vitamins have another purpose: To make you laugh.

Some of these fruits and veggies aren’t really aware that they are food. Instead, they think they’re people, animals, everyday objects, maybe even a human foot. Check out these 20 fruits and veggies, that look like other things, for your daily dose of humor!

1. Let me get a big bear hug!

Via PinImg

2. I’ve never seen a red duck before.

3. A casual stroll in the garden.

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4. Straw-butterfly

Via Reddit

5. This potato was feeling sheepish.

Via Bored Panda

6. Put your green foot forward.

Via Imgur

7. What a lucky duck.

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