2 Bulldogs Frighten Off a Black Bear

Dog owner Kelly Hebert breathed easier after her two bulldogs survived an encounter with a black bear. According to NBC affiliate New England Cable News, the bear had been visiting Herbert’s Concord, New Hampshire, yard since it was a cub. It came around so often that the family named it Brutus. However, the calm status quo of Brutus’s presence ended when Herbert’s home surveillance system captured a close encounter between the bear and the family dogs.

Comma and Lola are both English bulldogs who happened to be in the yard when Brutus came by. The bear was snacking out of the family’s bird feeder when the two dogs bolted toward it. The video shows Comma, Lola and Brutus squaring off until the dogs finally make a move forward. Brutus turned and ran off the property.

“We never knew that the dogs had anything in them to ever be protective, let alone of a feeder,” Hebert told the source. “We’re just happy it ended well and no one got hurt, because what I was thinking when I was running over was that there was going to be a pretty bad scene.”

Since the family posted the video online, it has gone viral with more than 3 million views on YouTube.

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