16 Pictures Of Animals Taken At The Perfect Time

Taking perfect pictures can be challenging, especially when your subject is a wild animal. Capturing them at just the right moment is all a seasoned shutterbug can hope for. And if they decide to put on a hilarious display, even better.

Some of the best animal photographers are skilled at understanding the right balance of light and shadow in their compositions. As you’ll see in the photos below, all we care about are the scenes that make us laugh!

16.Kermit the lizard

Hi Ho, Kermit here. This lizard may be putting on the most convincing muppet impression we’ve ever seen.

Source: Twitter / Fascinatingpics
Source: Twitter / Fascinatingpics

15.Cuddle Puddle

“Join us, hooman. Bed is warm for to snuggle.”

Source: Twitter / Fascinatingpics
Source: Twitter / Fascinatingpics

14.Pair of pups

This puppy and parent pair are ready and raring to go!

Source: Twitter / Fascinatingpics
Source: Twitter / Fascinatingpics

13.Sleepy turtle

The adorbs is strong with this one


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