Frisky Just Reached A New Level Of CUTE!

This kitten, named Momo, has taken playtime to a whole new level of cuteness! She’s so feisty yet so precious. How is it that a kitten can be both? Momo is so adorable, I could scream! Watch as she plays, happily, with a fish app on an iPad. Those paws are just too delicious! Isn’t she a good little fisherman?
It seems her older brother Osamu isn’t as amused but he is definitely curious. Then, some more of the cats get in on it.

10 Cats is one of my favorite YouTube channels. I am so entertained by this group. Their human is really good about keeping them stimulated with lots of fun toys. He also knows that cats need to be integrated to get along well with each other. Being a cat-wise human is essential to their happiness and a healthy balance in the household.

Cat-Tastic Quote of the Day:


“I worked at a boarding kennel where people leave their dogs and cats while on vacation. One morning I had taken a cat out of his cage, and after playing with him and replenishing his food and water, I put him back in.

A few minutes later, I was surprised to see the feline at my feet, since the cage doors lock automatically when they’re shut. I couldn’t figure out how the cat escaped, until I bent down to pick him up and spied his nametag: ‘Houdini.’ ”


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