100 Dogs Are Given A Second Chance After Being Rescued From A Puppy Mill

Most people recognize that puppy mills treat animals very poorly. But people and pet stores keep buying puppy mill dogs, fueling the need and the desire to keep these cruel operations running.

Thankfully, many rescuers have stepped up to save puppy mill dogs, who live in deplorable conditions across the United States. One of those rescues is Harbor Humane, which teamed up with Bissel Pet Foundation to save 100 dogs from a puppy mill in Louisiana. As Puppy Mill Awareness Day is celebrated around the country on September 18, we wanted to applaud this rescue group for giving puppy mill dogs a second chance at life.

Our team is en route back to MI, with 56 of these dogs… yes, 56! Huge thanks to everyone involved in this incredible…

Posted by Harbor Humane on Saturday, March 6, 2021

In a Facebook post, shelter manager Megan Winters explained how Harbor Humane was transporting 56 of the 100 rescued puppy mill dogs to safety. Some dogs had difficulty walking and hadn’t been properly groomed in years.

Posted by Harbor Humane on Saturday, March 6, 2021

Other puppy mill survivors needed emergency medical attention, including having teeth removed and being treated for various infections. Health issues are common among puppy mill dogs, who’ve never had access to veterinary care.

Posted by Harbor Humane on Saturday, March 6, 2021

“These little dogs spent their lives producing puppies for profit,” Winters wrote in her post. “They weren’t groomed so they had a hard time seeing. They lived their lives in a cramped space without the joys of being loved and being a dog. They have finally been set free.”

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As the rescued dogs regained their health and strength, shelter workers began adopting them out into forever homes.

But even after adoption, puppy mill survivors often remain skittish — which is a function of growing up in a cage without any human affection or care.

Posted by Harbor Humane on Saturday, March 6, 2021

If you adopt a puppy mill dog, be prepared to give extra patience, love, and training as your dog learns to trust humans again. Don’t expect puppy mill survivors to act like normal dogs right away.

Please help us close puppy mills by signing a pledge to adopt, not shop. You can also help us support puppy mill survivors by making a donation to provide rescued puppy mill dogs with food, care, and socialization, thus supporting their journey towards health and adoption.

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