10 Apps Guaranteed To Help You Master Modern Dog & Cat Ownership

Even if you’re skeptical of self-driving cars, there’s little dispute that technology is reshaping our modern lives. And naturally, considering the tech industry’s well-documented soft spot for animals, many of these advancements spill into the pet ownership arena. Now it’s easier than ever to give your dog basic obedience training or track his steps, a la Fitbit, to shed a few pounds. Others leverage technology to track missing animals, find adoptable rescues, and keep cats off the furniture. One even gets dogs, who never looks directly at the camera, to take the perfect selfie! Read on for our top 10 must-try apps for pet owners. Even if you’re a proud Luddite, you might be pleasantly surprised at how Silicon Valley has simplified pet owners’ traditional chores.

10. ASPCA Safety Apps

Photo: Flickr/Alec Perkins
Photo: Flickr/Alec Perkins

Your pet’s health and safety is the ultimate priority, which is why the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) offers two apps aimed at increasing your animal’s welfare. The first, The Pet Safety App, focuses on keeping your four-legged family safe in case they get lost, sick or caught up in natural disasters, like wildfires, floods and hurricanes. The second helps you identify any household items, like cleaning solutions or house plants, that could potentially harm your four-legged family with a direct line to ASPCA’s poison control hotline.

Which Fitbit-inspired app tracks your dog’s steps on behalf of animal rescues?

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