10 Dogs Found Stuffed In Trash Bags In A Ditch

If you’ve ever taken part in a volunteer cleanup, you probably see more than what you bargained for.

Unfortunately, that is what happened in North Carolina when “Operation Spring Cleaning” was taking place.

Volunteers found trash bags and there were 10 dead dogs inside. They had been discarded in a ditch along the road.

Photo: Facebook/Sheriff Wilkins

According to Burnis Wilkins, a spokesman for the Robeson County Sheriff’s office:

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“Sadly and under current investigation was the discovery of 10 dogs (mostly but not all pit-bulls) wrapped in trash bags and thrown alongside a ditch bank.”

Photo: Facebook/Sheriff Wilkins

The animal cruelty investigator that works for the Sheriff’s office and a veterinarian were called out to the location. After investigating what happened, they said, according to CNN that dogfighting was not likely involved.

Photo: Facebook/Sheriff Wilkins

They really didn’t have any additional information as to why the dogs would have been abandoned in such a way, as there were no signs of injury or causes of death.

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